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From: Ryan Price
Build and Create Websites | Personal Trainer Website Design
Perth, WA
1300 797 456
10:25 AM

Dear Friend,

I know what it’s like. To struggle to find enough new clients.

On Friday the 25th of August 2006 I started out in business for myself. I was eager to build a business where I could choose the people who I wanted to work with. I wanted to grow a business where I had the freedom to do what I want, when I wanted. I wanted to stop working for somebody else, cut out the middle man, and deliver only the best services to my clients.

What I did not count on were the challenges of continually marketing myself to find enough clients to stay IN business.

Not only did I struggle to find my own clients but my dreams of owning the perfect business were shattered. I was busier than ever, I was a mess!

My dreams of having more time to spend with my family and friends were replaced with feelings of dismay as the long hours racked up, it was all work and no results. I found myself working lots of odd hours just to earn enough to pay the bills – far from my ultimate life.

I started attending business building workshops, but they taught me little more than how to balance my books. I went to local commerce meetings; they turned out to be little more than other vendors trying to sell me on their memberships! I was disappointed.

And when it came to advertising I tried it all… Yellow Pages, print advertising, flyers, DL Leaflet drops, email promotions… nothing workedthousands of dollars wasted printing professional looking flyers and nothing to show for it.

These old school marketing methods seemed to only work for big gym chains and big branding campaigns; people like me don’t get results with those things.

Nothing was working… my dismay turned to frustration and that frustration led to anxiety; here I was, I had quit my 9-5 job (more like 5-9 job) in pursuit of my dream lifestyle and my savings were dwindling fast. My own livelihood was at stake, bills were stacking up and debts were growing by the day – I had to do something fast.

Then I saw a news report that said:

70% of people first search online before making a purchase.

I thought about that for a moment…

That means… if I don’t have a website for my fitness business, I’m totally invisible to the vast majority of people who actually want to buy exactly what I sell!

I though about my shopping habits and how I search online. Whether it’s looking for a cheaper price on something or looking for the services of a Doctor, a Plummer, Mechanic or… a fitness professional – (that’s someone looking for me!)

A light bulb went off!…

By Not Being Online I Was Invisible


They were searching online because they had already decided they wanted my service. It’s as close to a perfect selling environment as anyone could ask for. I can’t imagine not being able to capitalize on that.

I was filled with vigor and set about doing everything I could to capitalize on this new technology and new way of marketing. My very own Personal Trainer website was a promising windfall for my money woes.

I dove in head first…

  • I tried to build my own personal trainer website. (It was hard work and looked very amateur) so…
  • I tried a free personal trainer website builder software that said ‘No website knowledge required’… (It was very frustrating and hard to get my site looking the way I wanted it to) so…
  • I paid someone to build a website for me… (It looked great, but no-one visited my site… my sister couldn’t even find it in Google!)
  • I made bumper stickers and plastered my web address all over my car… (I think I got like one phone call… but I didn’t even need a website to do that!)
  • I even read up on some search engine optimization for my personal trainer website and added keywords and meta data to my pages (little did I know this was useless, more on this later)

I gave my web design guy the flick and payed nearly $2,000 to another company that said they could build me a personal trainer website that could book clients into my program while I slept. It turned out to be little more than an e-commerce site, where people brought services like they would buy products on e-bay. The same problem was still there… I had no new clients, no-one was buying! Another $2,000 wasted.

Surely by now I had tried every marketing and advertising tactic known to man.

I still had no new clients and I was sucking my bank account dry.

I knew I was missing something… something I hadn’t yet discovered. I was very persistent and determined to conquer this thing and build a thriving business of my own.

Then, I started studying the methods of other people who were successful on the internet. I started studying from real marketers and conversion experts who have whole businesses online.

I immediately realized I was relying on the wrong type of person. My web design guy was qualified in programming and design, not marketing. How could have I hoped that he could find me new clients and convert them into paying customers (the truth was, he saw this as my job, more on that soon).

I quickly got an online mentor who worked with me to apply specific and measurable measures to my marketing tactics online.

And guess what?

I started to get phone calls from people wanting to become my clients… the very next day!

The best part is that my personal trainer website and the branding my mentor had taught me had done most of the work. The people calling me on the phone were ready to pay me money… I did not have to try to ‘sell’ them, they were already convinced I could provide the solution to their problems and they wanted my services. The changes my mentor made me do to my business and my website were simple changes, small things that anyone could do but they made a huge difference. Big enough in fact that my debts started to shrink and my savings account was given a healthy injection of funds, $6,648.47 to be exact!

The next day I logged into my internet banking and I probably sat there looking at these new funds for about half an hour. I was excited to have finally, after all the hard work, begun to build a solid business. One where I wasn’t chasing clients, nor running from one location to another at odd times in the day just to meet client expectations. I could start to structure my work hours around times that I felt comfortable with.

After a half hour had passed I felt a mellow glow subside over me. I was content that I could pay off my debts and make a healthy income from the business my mentor helped me build.

Now in fact I am planning a 17 week holiday to Canada, Croatia, UK and France for the 4th time in 3 years (I live in Australia so that’s a long way!)

Writing Merry Christmas in the snow on the river…


Me skating outdoors on the Ottawa Canal at night…

So what was it that my mentor taught me that turned my business 180 degrees?

My Mentor Revealed To Me the Big 3 Facts
Your Web Guy Never Tells You…


You see, when you get a personal trainer website built the web design guy is;

Fact # 1 More interested in Design, Layout, Flashy bells-and-whistles and ‘coolness’ factors (ever wondered why these guys have ‘Portfolios’ rather than Testimonials…?)

Fact # 2Not interested in personal training or your personal training business. He is not interested in getting more clients for your business, because…

Fact # 3 Their job is to design a web site for you, not to get people to go to your website and sign up for your services – he sees that as your job.

Can you see the problem here?

Without people to visit your Personal Trainer website your site is just an abandoned island that no-one knows about.

To make things worse, your web guy will never tell you Google only cares about off-page optimization rather than on-page. On-page is everything that is put on your website that the reader can see and also what the search engines can see. Off-page is what other websites are saying about yours – much more valuable in the eyes of Google. Your web guy is only controlling on-page optimization.
3 more facts your web guy never tells you:

  • Google does not care about your meta tags anymore (on-page optimization). They can help you ‘get-the-click’, once a person sees your website in the search engines, buy Google rank’s off-page SEO more than on-page SEO (I can show you how to rank for both)
  • People will not remember your business name when it comes to TYPING it in so you must rank for different keywords related to your SERVICE (There are thousands more people searching for the service you provide compared to your actual business name, I’ll show you exactly which ones).
  • Most people will click away from a website within 7 seconds (the deadly 7) if it looks messy or doesn’t seem to promise to deliver what they are searching for (Your dead in the water if you don’t address the the deadly 7, I can tell you in 7 sec’s if your website will cut it).

So when I paid for my Personal Trainer website to be built I was forking out my hard earned cash for little more than a glorified business card. It had no weight in the search engine rankings (My sister did find it, but only by typing in my exact business name) so it was of little use in getting me NEW clients.

I had been sold the dream that throwing up a website would mean I could just sit back and watch the people roll in. (I’m sure you have heard of it to, if not been sold it already). You would not believe how crushed I was when I found out this was just a ‘Hollow Dream’.


I Had Been Sold The Dream That A Website Would Do All The Marketing For Me. Most Web Design Services are Capitalizing in the Current Markets by Supporting this ‘Hollow Dream’


Web designers are good at just that; designing a website. They are not skilled at getting more clients for your business or converting those people into customers who want to train with you or join your bootcamps. I’m not saying they are bad people or that they are bad at what they do, I’m just saying we have false hopes that their services will be the end of all our marketing worries.

I looked around at my Personal Training friends who had websites and it made me sick. Without exception, all had fallen for the ‘Hollow Dream’. Their websites were little more than glorified business cards that nobody ever see’s (It only takes a couple of minutes to check any website if you know what to look for).

At that moment I made it my Mission to reveal the truth about website marketing and show people how to apply proven methods (taught to me by my mentors ) to get more clients.

My passion for helping others was my guiding light, so I started helping Personal Trainer’s I knew. They had little time to do this sort of marketing since they were busy training their clients trying to stay in business (sounds familiar…)

As soon as I started talking to Personal Trainer’s about their websites the horror stories just pored out…

I had friends telling me they had spent thousands of dollars (one of my friends had even spent $15,000!) on a website just to find out people were unable to find it in Google. This meant it was useless in getting more clients.

They told me how they just didn’t know if anyone really visited their website and whether anyone actually signed up for their services because of their website.

One of the other biggest complaints people had was that it was too hard to change and update their own Personal trainer website without paying their web guy to do it.

I went away and used all of these issues to make sure I could provide a service that was just the opposite.

Here’s what you get with my Hulk Personal Trainer Website Design Package:

  • BUILT IN SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. There is no point having a Personal Trainer website if people searching for your service online cant find it.
  • A WEBSITE SYSTEM With a perfect website layout that is user friendly while being structured to rank high in the search engines as fast as possible. (This means your site wont be an abandoned island, people will actually be visiting it)
  • SEO - Your Personal Trainer website will be loaded with the latest SEO plugins to boost your search engine visibility and get more people to visit your website. (You dont have to have technical knowledge its just plug-and-play)
  • GUIDANCE. You will be shown the super simple system of updating and changing anything on your site with ease and well practically guide you by the hand through the entire process (Dont ever pay to change something, youll be able to do it yourself: what you want, when you want)
  • INSTRUCTION- We will show you EXACTLY how to start ranking for any keyword you want (you wont be one of the countless people wasting their time trying to figure out how to perform better in the search engines (and it doesnt cost any money!)
  • SUPPORT- We will give you continued support should you need it. Our success relies on your success so we will do everything in our power to make sure you have what you need (We will not stick your website up and forget about you, we are constantly looking for ways to better serve you and bring you new improvements)
  • PROFESSIONAL AND UNIQUE CUSTOM LOOK Not a website by template. Your Personal Trainer website will reflect you and your service (It will be unique and exciting and will encapsulate what it is like to train with you)


“Well you’ve answered every question perfectly, there I go again with that smile I can’t wipe off.. (people watching me at my laptop may wonder what I’m up to) Thank you so much Ryan, you’re so clever, positive & professional you inspire me to be better than I am. You are exactly the type of ‘people’ I want to surround myself with, an inspiration. You know the old saying, “it’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.” I must be honest and say that I didn’t expect so much from this website development experience. Thank you for making our website look as professional as I believe we are.”
Clint Weston


You will..

1. Own a Personal Trainer Website with good ranking in Google

I’ve said it before, most Personal Trainer websites out there are little more than glorified business cards. A place where your contact details are coupled with a bio in the hopes people will find your services and become a client. One word about that… Ludicrous! Two more words… Old school. If you really think that will work then I suggest you also print a wad of flyers and start handing them out on the street (Count how many times you can hand out each hundred). You will quickly discover which marketing method really works and how to get your site seen. (This alone is worth at least 10 times the cost of the website)

2. Get more clients

We’ll show you what other Personal Trainersb are doing wrong on their websites and how you can capitalize on this to pull more clients for your business. In fact, you may pull so many clients that you start to choose only the ones you want to work with.

3. Retain more clients and build lasting relationships

Don’t forget there is more to business than getting clients, you must retain your good clients too. And remember it is easier (and cheaper) to retain a good client than find a new client from scratch.


Here’s how Build ‘n Create Websites compares to other website options like building your own or paying someone to do it:


Here are 5 areas where we out-perform the market head and shoulders.

  • You will own your unique URL address (domain name eg: Many times web design companies will register the domain for you, in their name – they will actually own it and control it (not good). Free website hosting will usually mean you domain name will also include theirs eg: bad for your image and branding and worse for search engine optimization.
  • You will have final say on your Personal Trainer website design and layout. Free websites are usually build from templates meaning your site will look like hundreds out there. You may have control over design and layout using a web design companies but this is typically the most time consuming part since each is different and cost can hit the thousands very fast.
  • You will be able to modify your site as easy as typing up a word document. While free websites may seem like a good option if you want the freedom to modify content, your formatting may have to be re-done every time you change anything. Web design companies typically charge you if you want modifications.
  • We will give you continued support. We will not stick your website up and forget about you, we are constantly looking for ways to better serve you and bring you new improvements. Free websites typically lack support while web design compaenies typically offer good support however this support is limited to web design, not marketing for personal trainers support.
  • Your Personal Trainer Website will be extremely SEO friendly, something free websites just don’t have and web design companies do very poorly.


Important for Personal Trainer website success BnCW Building Your Own Web Design Company
Control over website name Yes No No
Control over design/layout Yes No Not Always
Easy to modify Yes Depends No
Support Yes No Yes
SEO Yes No At a Price




Here’s how Build ‘n Create Websites stacks up

against other website design services:

BuildnCreateWebsites Other website design services
Specifically created to help Personal Trainers get more clients and retain them. Even if you don't know how, we provide the foundation and the on-going support to see more profits Since the focus is on 'designing' the website the client gets a website that is not tailored to the personal trainers needs. This DOES NOT work for getting or retaining personal training clients
We make sure your website is loaded with the latest SEO tools and keep you updated on the latest SEO tactics to improve your search ranking and maximize results. Not a whole lot of focus on SEO... more of an aesthetics approach.
Custom website design that conveys your brand and image. Website designed from a template and typically looks too corporate or 'stuffy'.
Cutting-edge marketing techniques proven by marketing and conversion experts to get results A website that still relies on old school/outdated marketing techniques that are ineffective for the individual or small company.
We build these websites because we have the same background as you and love helping people... it's our purpose in life The web designer typically has little interest in personal training or their goals and is more interested in coding website design for a client.
Will let you know each and every inch where you can improve your website to maximize its effectiveness so that you can get the most out of it. They'll add a tool or tweak something if you ask them to do so, but you need to know what it is in order to ask them (If you knew that, why would you need them? You'd be building the website yourself?!)


Now I think it’s only fair to tell you…

My service is unlike any other out there because of one main reason: I’m like you! I am a qualified Exercise Physiologist and I am focused on one thing: Your business success as a Personal Trainer.

I am not here to build a Personal Trainer website for you… if you want a guy who will build your website, babysit you and do everything for you.

In fact,

OnTarget Personal Trainer Website

- I don’t build Personal Trainer websites for people who just want one so they can say ‘I have a website’ (We build them for people who want to gain and retain customers).

- I’m not going to build you a lovely looking flash website without functionality or SEO (A personal trainers website should serve a function for your current clients too).

- I’m not going to stuff your website full of products offers. You may promote products on your website but if you don’t provide a service I won’t build a website for you.

- I’m not going to work with lazy people. If your business isn’t going great because you are lazy, don’t look to a website to do the work for you. Get serious, this is your business and your life, fix yourself first.

- I’m not going to do every small change for you. See the lazy point above. I’m here to help you, not hold you by the hand.

- I’m not going to work with anybody who wants to cater their service “to-one-and-all”. If you can’t find your niche (your specialty) don’t bother with a Personal Trainer website.

- I’m just not going to work with dishonest or impolite people full stop!

Please understand, I only care about your success as a Personal Trainer if you genuinely want to help other people.

HOWEVER, if you DO pride yourself in your Personal Training service and genuinely love helping others, here’s what to do…

Sign up below to get started and I’ll contact you. I’ll ask you some questions about your Personal Training business to get the feel for your business image. This will encompass your business mission or ethos, your Personal Training style and approach – I want to know what your perfect client looks like (so you can train more people like that). Where you train and when, what your special attributes are, your niche or your specialty area. (You will soon realize we are very different to most web design services out there).

Please understand I am limited on how many people I work with because I don’t pump out cookie cutter Personal Trainer websites – each site is designed for ‘you’ to meet ‘your’ needs, this takes time and resources, but more importantly for you this means we work with you on an individual basis to produce the best results for you. So if you’re ready, signup below and get started before I stop taking on new clients.

At an incredible rock-bottom price, my Personal Trainer websites are already a great bargain in themselves. But I strongly believe in the principle of over-delivering, so I’m going to add more valuable RELEVANT bonuses to make it just plain irresistible and a no-brainer for you…

These free bonuses that will help you TREMENDOUSLY. However, because of my time commitments I may not be able to offer these bonuses in the future, so its first in – best dressed.

Ok, Let’s have a look at the bonuses…

Additional Fast Action Bonuses

(I Reserve The Rights To Pull/Change These Bonuses At Anytime!)


FREE BONUS #1 ($17 Value)
Free Hosting and Support Package $17/month FREE for 1 month.

After your 1 months of Free Hosting and Support you must chose from Basic Hosting and Support $17/month, Standard Hosting and Support $27/month or Premium Hosting and Support $47/month.

Website Hosting and SupportDaily Backups of your site
Fast email support
No disk space limit (10GBUnlimited!)
Free Web-Based Email – Check Your Email From Anywhere in the World

Security Updates and Maintenance Reminders
email address eg:

FREE BONUS #2 ($97 Value)
Coaching Video/Webinar On How To Build Client Loyalty Using Tools On Your Website

Build Client Loyalty.

How To Stay In Contact With Your Clients In Between Sessions
The 3 Key Elements You Must Have To Maximise Client Recruitment
How To Fill Up Next MONTHS Bootcamp On Autopilot
How To Create A Community ‘Buzzing’ Around Your Services
Why Your ‘About’ Page Should Be The Last Thing
Your Clients See On Your Website

FREE BONUS #3 ($149 Value)
Free Lessons and Templates On How To Set Up Your Own Automated Newsletter System

Automater Newsletter System.

Establish Yourself As An Authority And Market Leader
Offer Potential Clients, Buyers Or Members A Personalized Contact
5 Steps to Enhance Your Image And Credibility
The Fastest Way To Create A Strong Following Of Fans
Step-By-Step How To Set Up Your Autoresponder System
Custom Newsletter Template With Your Logo and Colours


That’s some list of FREE Gifts, right? A total of $263 in bonuses.

They’re each worth every cent. But hey, they’re yours FREE.

But I don’t know how long these bonuses will last.

So if you want them, get in quick.SPM_Personal_Trainer_Website


You have…

  • No Contracts – Cancel At Anytime Without Penalty
  • Set Yourself Apart From the Competition With a Dynamic Online Presence
  • A Personal Trainer Website that Recruits Clients for You 24/7
  • You Can Use An Existing Domain Or a New One
  • A “Nothing to Lose” Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want nothing but happy, satisfied people using my products to grow their business. So, if for any reason over the next 60 days you decide this product is not for you simply let me know and I’ll make sure you get your money back. You have a full TWO MONTHS to put me to the test. All the risk is on me!

~Ryan Price



That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Ready to get started?

Great! All you have to do is click on one payment option below . Once you sign up, you’ll instantly receive an email from me with a “Getting Started” file. Fill in your answers and send the completed file back so I can get in contact with you and start building your website.

Go get started. Sign Up Right Now…

Hulk Website Package $1,512 $1,249

One Time Payment of $1,249

Monthly hosting and support service fee (required) $17/month to start 30 days after purchase.

Or Choose The Payment Plan

Hulk Website Package – Payment Plan

Four Monthly Payments of $327 (total $1,308)

Monthly hosting and support service fee (required) $17/month to start 30 days after purchase.


So, if you are still reading at this point you have two choices…

You can leave this website and continue relying on old school marketing and ineffective techniques that do little to get you more customers (This also means missing out on 70% of people who search online for your services, ready to buy).

OR you can Signup for one of our Personal Trainer website design packages and dominate the search engines in your area and capitalize on the people already ready to buy the services you are offering.

It all comes down to that really, simple isn’t it?


Ryan Price
Build and Create Websites | Personal Trainer Website Design
Perth, WA

P.S. – Remember, My service is unlike any other out there because of 1 main reason: I’m like you! I’m a qualified Exercise Physiologist who has been in the same position of needing to get more clients and a cash injection into my business (in fact I brought in $6,648.47). I’m now focused on your business success as a Personal Trainer by showing you how to use ‘new school’ marketing techniques with web technology. I take a more effective approach than web design guys who have little to no interest in Personal Training. Invest your time wisely by leveraging on my expertise.

P.P.S. – I’ll save you from the ‘Hollow Dream’ – the dream of getting a flood of new clients from putting up a website – a deadly trap that I too once fell for. Get a Personal Trainer website that will attract prospects and convert them into clients, with proven strategies learnt from website conversion experts not a web-design guy who is only interested in simply putting up a ‘pretty-looking’ website.

P.P.P.S. – What you need to do right now is ‘sign up’, I’ll ask you some questions about your Personal Training business and we’ll immediately set to work on your Personal Training website. But remember, because I design these by hand and to meet your needs I am limited to the number of people I work with so be sure to sign up right now before I stop taking on new clients.

P.P.P.P.S. This is the perfect chance to get a professional personal training website and blog for a tiny investment. With my 100% Risk Free Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

P.P.P.P.P.S. With everything included (website, hosting, blog, SEO, email, money-back guarantee and bonuses worth $263, there’s nothing to lose. Get started right now with your very own personal training website.


OnTarget Personal Training Website

- I don’t build websites for people who just want one so they can say ‘I have a website’ (We build them for people who want to gain and retain customers).